Highboard USM Haller 080916-03

– Manufacturer: USM Haller
– Color: white, RAL 9010
– Height: 144 cm
– Width: 152 cm
– Depth: 37 cm
– Details: see photos

Condition: used goods with minimal traces of use. The goods are in very good condition.

The exact condition can be found in the product photos. These are original recordings. We endeavor to present the condition extremely accurately and objectively. Any overlooked details are not intended and we apologize.

Pickup: No shipping – only pickup!

IMPORTANT for pickup:

Please make an appointment to pick up your goods. We have to prepare these and provide them for you. Otherwise, we can not assure a return of the goods unfortunately!

When picking up, please also remember to take the necessary tools, packaging material and, if necessary, an inviting aid, this is not provided by us!

Invitations or packaging material only for a fee!

We ask you to take into account that this is used furniture, that, depending on previous use slight damage, signs of use, scratches, etc. may be present. Also, slight soils such as e.g. Unfortunately, coffee stains, black streaks etc. or dust can not be ruled out. We urge you also URGENT to check on pickup of the goods if it is complete and no major damages are present, which affect or prevent the functionality! If the office furniture is suitable for locking, but the keys are missing the right to a key is not given! Later complaints can not be recognized !!